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Services & Investment

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Services & Investment: About Therapy



All treatment begins with an Intake Assessment lasting from 30-minutes to 1-hour. This is completed in the first session and entails a thorough biopsychosocial assessment (which is a fancy way of saying I will speak with you about significant information and events throughout your life) to develop a concrete understanding of your challenges and what could be maintaining them. Typically treatment goals will be identified by the end of this session, although this will be adapted collaboratively as needed throughout our work together. After the Intake, I offer 53-minute sessions to allow time for scheduling and documentation.

​While using insurance can be financially beneficial, occasionally one does not want their information shared with their insurance provider or does not meet insurance criteria for coverage. In these situations, as well as if you do not have active insurance coverage, we offer private pay rates. The use of Private Pay can be beneficial if you do not want your information shared with insurance companies or if you do not meet diagnostic criteria for a mental health diagnosis. If insurance deems treatment to not meet "medical necessity" they can deny coverage. In the situation this occurs, you would be responsible for the full rate.

​​​Subsequently, Private Pay Rates range from $200 to $350.

Services & Investment: About Therapy


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I am currently in-network with several insurers throughout Colorado, please contact me to determine if I am in-network with your current provider.

I am a licensed in Georgia and am in-network with several insurance providers. I offer telehealth sessions throughout the state of Georgia.

“In-network” means that CMWC is contracted for these insurance plans and can accept payments from these insurance panels. In-network does not guarantee full coverage from your insurance provider. Often times plans have deductibles, copays, and co-insurance that you may be responsible for. 

Providers at CMWC would be considered “out-of-network” for other insurance plans. In these cases, it is an option to pay for your sessions and we will provide you a Superbill* that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement.

*Super bill offered–If you are still wanting to use another insurance that I am not currently “in-network” with, I can provide you a Super Bill (a formal receipt) which includes proof that you attended and paid for services and a diagnosis that was developed based on meeting criteria of the DSM-5TR and ICD-10. Depending on your out-of-network benefits, your insurance company may reimburse a percentage of your costs.

Late Cancellations (within 24 hours) and no shows are charged at full rate to the card on file as insurance cannot be billed. Note this does not apply to Medicaid-COA


Will Insurance Cover My Problem?

Maybe. If stress, depression, anxiety, addictions, or overwhelming emotions are taking over your daily life and interfering with work, relationships, and living a healthy life, then insurance will usually cover some sessions. In order to cover some or all of your care, insurance does require that your therapist provide a mental health diagnosis to show the insurance company that this care is medically necessary. The number of sessions and specific dollar amount covered will vary depending on your individual insurance plan. Often Couples Counseling is not covered by insurance.

How Can I Find Out if Mental Health is Covered by My Insurance?

Services & Investment: About Therapy
Services & Investment: About Therapy
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It is your duty to know your insurance policy. To obtain information about your policy, contact member services by calling the number on the back of your insurance card.

Questions to Ask Your Insurance Provider

  • Ask for CONFIRMATION that the services provided by Dr. Ashley Jarvis at Colorado Mental Wellness Collective are covered under your plan.

  • Ask whether your plan covers ​Telehealth Services (video/telephone sessions).

  • Ask if there is a limit to the number of session covered.

  • Ask whether your plan is active for the date of service scheduled and whether it is your PRIMARY INSURANCE.

  • Confirm whether or not your plan covers Outpatient Mental Health Services in an office setting.

  • Ask whether your plan has a copay, deductible or coinsurance and/or any accumulations towards the OUT OF POCKET or DEDUCTIBLE maximum.

  • Ask whether referrals and Pre-certifications are required.


You are ultimately responsible for payment of all deductibles, co-payments, coinsurance amounts AND for payment for all services you receive from Colorado Mental Wellness Collective that are not paid for by your insurance provider.

Services & Investment: About Therapy
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